Why I hate Liverpool FC!!

I am a Manchester United supporter since I begin to watch English Premier League. it’s been a long I’ve been supporting them. One of my friend is a Liverpool fan. Probably he is a greater football manic than me. his room is all covered by his favourite football team. i never hated Liverpool team. I never cared about any other team than Manchester United, and I never need to care about other teams. Manchester United is the most successful club in England. But in every Saturday and Sunday, we have a verbal war. He can’t see my teams wining. If my team performs bad, draws match or loses, i have to answer his every question. For this sometimes I need to switch my mobile off. he just criticize me no matter what happens in the game. Because of his mood I slowly begin to have some negative feeling about the team he supports. After all Liverpool are the greatest rivals of Manchester united. Both the teams have history of bitter rivalry. But since he begin to talk too much about his team, Liverpool are certainly the most hatred team for me. I never watch their match but begin to wish that they lose their every game. Amazingly this season, my wish seem to come true. I am writing this after their home defeat to the newly promoted Blackpool. Now they are languishing to the bottom of the table. they are in the drop zone. It may be too harsh for Liverpool fan, but i want to see them relegated this season. Sorry, LFC fans, You have walk alone this time. And sorry friend, you have nothing to talk about football this season with me!