Rematch? WTF!

Three Star Club, my hometown football club and one of the best in the business in Nepal, went through to the semifinal in India by beating their opponent 1-0. But for the some reason (I don’t know), organisers ruled that the match should be replayed. Three Star Club agreed. They played and they lost. I am a big fan of football. I had never heard any match being replayed for whatever reason in top-flight games. In the recent time, the world cup qualifying play-off match between France and Ireland was in the news because of “Hand of Henry”. Everyone, including Thiery Henry, voiced that there should be a rematch. But that never happened. There is no room in football for rematch. I am quite disappointed that Three Star club agreed to play that match. What kept them to stay in India after such ruling? They should have pulled out of the tournament than this kind of humiliation. It’s a shame that they bent their knees to the Indian organisers. Fans are not happy with their act.