Kathmandu vs Nepal

My parents just returned from the tour of western parts of Nepal, and they were really shocked to see small kids walking miles in narrow and dangerous highways just to reach their schools. Upon their return, my father compared Kathmandu like a heaven. Everything, every facilities are here, but nothing outside.

Meanwhile, I also returned home from the fieldwork in Kalikot for a project involving national and foreign non-governmental organisations. While returning from Kalikot to Surkhet, one of my fellow fieldworker compared Kalikot with Nepal. I like her comparison. She says Kalikot is the real Nepal. The district is so rugged, our project locations are at least 2 days walking distance from the nearest motorable road. There is always shortage of food in those areas. People are not educated, there are hardly anyone passing higher education, and hence they lacked basic behaviour and culture. They keep fighting with themselves for trivial things. Health service is worse, there is no electricity and drinking water. Even we have to depend on open defecation (OD). OD is sometimes fun, but embarrassing many times. The place is suffering even though there is a huge potential to progress.

Kathmandu is like America. Everybody likes to go there and live there. Kathmandu have all the facilities needed. Even the organisation that we worked for, which was initially registered at Jumla, now has its head office in Lalitpur. So, though Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal, it is not Nepal. I really liked her comments. But if you look closely, there is not much difference between remote Kalikot and the capital city. I think you understand what I mean!