CHAMP19NS! Well deserved 19th title



I’m not too big a man to admit that I’m crying a little here…

We as United fans (or at least I) celebrate this title with all due respect to the great Liverpool teams of the past, who achieved something so incredible few people imagined they could be surpassed, and certainly not this soon.

A good rivalry is something to cherish, but there’s a line between rivalry and bitterness. We’ve had many a feud with Blackburn, Newcastle, Arsenal, Chelsea, City and recently Liverpool again, and I believe those rivalries have only made my team stronger.

I do not hate Liverpool so bad nor wish them anything particularly foul. The simple truth is that for my team to win, others have to lose, and I’m OK with that. To all other teams, chin up and use United’s success as something to aspire to and perhaps even surpass one day.

Here’s to all champions, past present and future.