Displeasing Dashain Dinner

Achar Ghar, located in Pulchowk, Lalitpur, is one of my favourite place for Thakali Khana for their unique servings of different variety of achar (pickles). So, I decided to take my wife there for dinner just a day before the holidays of Dashain start. I went there, everything was normal, ordered the usual Thakali set but when the food arrived the waiter informed us that many varieties of pickles are unavailable because they were closing for the festival. That was the worst thing you could hear before you eat – I was more than just furious. They could have told us before we ordered that dish. But no! They charged us full price, and they denied us the items for which we went there.

It is perfectly understandable that the restaurants are operated in reduced capacity before and after the long vacation because there are less number of working staffs. But that has to be clearly mentioned in the menu, or inform us by any other means. We go to restaurants for good time with family and friends but such moments ruin everything. I’m not going back to that place again for sure.