Ole Out!

To be honest we have been having this kind of game for a long time and we have not found what the problem is. We have conceded easy goals and stupid goals. In these sort of games on this sort of pitch, they will push and put pressure on us. We need to be more mature I think, and play with more experience – we need to have more arrogance, in a good way. We have to take the ball and play our football, but now we have to find what is the key and reason for this loss, because we deserved to lose today.

Paul Pogba

I’ve always been Ole In but I really am starting to think that a change is now needed. United aren’t where they should be with the players they have. The United team is set up to attack but conversely is not set up to prevent counter attacks against them. The midfield is a problem as none of them are specialist holding or defensive minded players and do not offer any protection whilst they are concentrating on foraging forward. Leicester have been awful this season but they were the better side today.

United have also been knocked out the League Cup by West Ham, lost at home to Villa, couldn’t beat Everton and lost to Young Boys, it’s all very depressing.