Displeasing Dashain Dinner

achar ghar

Achar Ghar, located in Pulchowk, Lalitpur, is one of my favourite place for Thakali Khana for their unique servings of different variety of achar (pickles). So, I decided to take my wife there for dinner just a day before the holidays of Dashain start. I went there, everything was normal, ordered the usual Thakali set but when the food arrived the waiter informed us that many varieties of pickles are unavailable because they were closing for the festival. That was the worst thing you could hear before you eat – I was more than just furious. They could have told us before we ordered that dish. But no! They charged us full price, and they denied us the items for which we went there.

It is perfectly understandable that the restaurants are operated in reduced capacity before and after the long vacation because there are less number of working staffs. But that has to be clearly mentioned in the menu, or inform us by any other means. We go to restaurants for good time with family and friends but such moments ruin everything. I’m not going back to that place again for sure.

City floods

City Floods

We have all the time in the world to discuss whether the river came to human settlement or we encroached the floodplain, and we should do it. But this is not the right time to troll disaster, losses and sufferings of people. This is the time to be together, help for each other and pray for well being of all.

Untidy Habit

Untidy habits

Bhoto Jatra is the final day of the chariot procession of Bungadyo (Rato Machhindranath) which is one of the greatest religious/cultural events celebrated in the city of Lalitpur – and the longest chariot festival celebrated in the whole country. On this day, denizens of Lalitpur and its surrounding districts come to Jawalakhel ground for a kind of dry picnic, to bid farewell to Bungadyo after which he leaves for Bungamati for about 6 months. It is an amazing experience when you have outdoor meal under the scorching sun near one of the busiest roads of the city.

But we litter a lot – we are yet to learn how to keep the place, where we eat, tidy.

No education at all

Shree Panchami

That we usually call education is making man stupid.

Laxmi Prasad Devkota

Shreepanchami or Basantapanchami marks the arrival of spring season and bids goodbye to freezing winter as per the lunar calendar. It is also a day to worship the goddess of learning, Saraswati. This day is considered ideal for Akshararambha, the day when your child starts writing his/her first letter. On this day, parents take their children in the nearest Saraswati temple to write their first letter. Now in recent years it seems everybody is interested in writing haphazardly on the walls of temple, not even caring where they are writing. This is the ugly part of our understanding, the ugly part of our education.

Street vendors

Street vendors

I am not sure if the cities in Nepal have any formal regulations around street vending, but these street vendors are already the lifeblood of the city like Kathmandu who offer easy access to a wide range of goods and services in public spaces. Lately, there is a substantial increase in the number of street vendors in this city which can mainly be attributed to lack of rewarding employment in the country or lack of skills or education to enable them to find better ones.