Ole Out!

united vs leicester

To be honest we have been having this kind of game for a long time and we have not found what the problem is. We have conceded easy goals and stupid goals. In these sort of games on this sort of pitch, they will push and put pressure on us. We need to be more mature I think, and play with more experience – we need to have more arrogance, in a good way. We have to take the ball and play our football, but now we have to find what is the key and reason for this loss, because we deserved to lose today.

Paul Pogba

I’ve always been Ole In but I really am starting to think that a change is now needed. United aren’t where they should be with the players they have. The United team is set up to attack but conversely is not set up to prevent counter attacks against them. The midfield is a problem as none of them are specialist holding or defensive minded players and do not offer any protection whilst they are concentrating on foraging forward. Leicester have been awful this season but they were the better side today.

United have also been knocked out the League Cup by West Ham, lost at home to Villa, couldn’t beat Everton and lost to Young Boys, it’s all very depressing.

Spoiled fans!

Manchester United supporters have been spoiled over the past couple of decades. You watch your team at Old Trafford expecting a win regardless of the opposition. You start the season in August expecting at least one trophy come May. Do we have stupidly high expectations? Yes, of course we do. Rivals fans can blame that on arrogance or whatever else, but the reason is we have become accustomed to winning something almost every season.


The right team picked, the right players in their right positions, and we had champagne football in the first half. And what a performance from RVP in that first 30 mins, absolutely stunning volley, perfect technique. A beautiful moment

Rooney played some sparkling balls, but I hope SAF doesn’t see Rooney’s future in the midfield, to me he will always be a striker and that’s where he’s at his most lethal, 5 kgs weight loss, and he’ll regain his strike form provided he’s played upfront.

In the end just got one thing to say


CHAMP19NS! Well deserved 19th title



I’m not too big a man to admit that I’m crying a little here…

We as United fans (or at least I) celebrate this title with all due respect to the great Liverpool teams of the past, who achieved something so incredible few people imagined they could be surpassed, and certainly not this soon.

A good rivalry is something to cherish, but there’s a line between rivalry and bitterness. We’ve had many a feud with Blackburn, Newcastle, Arsenal, Chelsea, City and recently Liverpool again, and I believe those rivalries have only made my team stronger.

I do not hate Liverpool so bad nor wish them anything particularly foul. The simple truth is that for my team to win, others have to lose, and I’m OK with that. To all other teams, chin up and use United’s success as something to aspire to and perhaps even surpass one day.

Here’s to all champions, past present and future.

Why I hate Liverpool FC!!

I am a Manchester United supporter since I begin to watch English Premier League. it’s been a long I’ve been supporting them. One of my friend is a Liverpool fan. Probably he is a greater football manic than me. his room is all covered by his favourite football team. i never hated Liverpool team. I never cared about any other team than Manchester United, and I never need to care about other teams. Manchester United is the most successful club in England. But in every Saturday and Sunday, we have a verbal war. He can’t see my teams wining. If my team performs bad, draws match or loses, i have to answer his every question. For this sometimes I need to switch my mobile off. he just criticize me no matter what happens in the game. Because of his mood I slowly begin to have some negative feeling about the team he supports. After all Liverpool are the greatest rivals of Manchester united. Both the teams have history of bitter rivalry. But since he begin to talk too much about his team, Liverpool are certainly the most hatred team for me. I never watch their match but begin to wish that they lose their every game. Amazingly this season, my wish seem to come true. I am writing this after their home defeat to the newly promoted Blackpool. Now they are languishing to the bottom of the table. they are in the drop zone. It may be too harsh for Liverpool fan, but i want to see them relegated this season. Sorry, LFC fans, You have walk alone this time. And sorry friend, you have nothing to talk about football this season with me!