Online Session

online session

All our colleagues are working from home within this city, and we decided to start knowledge sharing session – conducting online training of various computer programs that are being used in our jobs. We tried different platforms – Skype, Zoom, and Google Meet but none of them proved reliable given the quality of our broadband internet connection. I felt bored to stay in front of choppy videos and voice even though I wanted to learn that software so badly.

I wonder what is the condition of all the students who are taking online classes.

Tunnel workspace

Inside Tunnel

Working inside tunnels of hydropower project is never a pleasant experience as they are usually narrow, ill-equipped and full of surprises. The situation worsens even further when you are working with a Chinese contractor. Their apathy towards the issues of health and safety of people working inside tunnels cannot be explained by sane minds. We have known many fatal accidents inside tunnels in the past. I’d like to ask everyone concerned who are working in hydropower tunnel to cooperate with each other to ensure safe and glorious working environment.